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Our state of the art walkthroughs provide our clients the best possible way to visualise their Immersive Theatre just as it will look - but before it is installed.

We use 3D computer graphics technology to produce realistc renders and walkthroughs as part of the design and development process. These renders and video walkthroughs help to communicate the look and feel of the Immersive Theatre design to the client.

The videos shown below show various stages of some of our theatre designs.





Russian Palace Walkthrough

This walkthrough shows one of our Russian Palace theatres in every stage of the engineering process.
We have created an inspiring video showing every aspect of the process right through to the final beautiful and luxurious room.

Room design, acoustical treatment, cabling, lighting design and finally the bespoke custom finish.
It truly inspires and shows what in possible in a room of this scale and custom requirement.
For that fully custom and luxurious immersive theatre,
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Surrey Mansion Luxury Home Cinema Walkthrough

This walkthrough takes you into a sumptious home cinema designed for a client in Surrey.
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Marvel Avengers Room Walkthrough

This walkthrough shows a Marvel Avengers themed room. The design of this basement conversion is inspired by the Marvel Avengers movies to ensure the client is really immersed in the action.
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Moroccan Room Walkthrough

This walkthrough shows a Moroccan themed room. The client wanted to turn an unused basement area into a beautiful soft and inviting cinema space with a vibrant feel.
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Art Deco Cinema Walkthrough

This Art Deco room was designed as part of our immersive theatre design process. Take a quick tour around this beautiful, sumptuous dedicated theatre.
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Star Wars 'Jabbas Palace' Walkthrough

This walkthrough is a fantastic example of a themed room. The client wanted to create a truly magical space inspired by Star Wars.
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Luxury Screening Room Walkthroughs

These walkthroughs are taken from the Immersive Theatre design process for our CEDIA award-winning Luxury Screening room.
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