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We use Crestron Control Systems to deliver our intelligent integration solutions.

Lighting systems, HVAC systems, Security, Multi-room Audio, Multi-room Video and many other areas of home automation can be brought together, to allow the user intuitive and intelligent control of each system. Imagine this have for many years provided easy to use and completely flexible Crestron control and integration systems, which are designed, installed and programmed by our in-house team. Whether you require a wireless touch-panel in your home theatre, or in-wall touch-panels to act as intercom and concierge systems in a multi dwelling environment; we can design and program the system to control any application and interface with countless devices, easily and efficiently.

Allowing your touch-panel to integrate your lighting, heating and security will help alleviate the very thing that you sought to avoid, confusion. Since Crestron control and integration systems are so flexible, there is the tendency to over complicate the interface and elaborate on the template design, we work on the principle that just because you can, it doesn't mean that you should. That's not to say we wouldn't produce complex touch-panels, but, though years of experience, we have learned that our clients usually just want the system to work for every member of the household and do that intuitively and reliably.

We design our own Crestron control and integration systems in-house and program them ourselves. We don't outsource and therefore we retain control the project and can remain flexible, reacting quickly to our client's wishes. With remote access to Crestron control and integration systems, we also offer the ability to upload remotely, along with maintenance and servicing, without the need to visit for software related updates.