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Systems Integration and Control Systems

Systems Integration is perhaps the most complex part of the project. This is the bit that brings all of the other elements and sub-systems together. It’s the very thing that you, our client, will see.

To be competent you need two things: Underpinning knowledge and experience.

Imagine This has been involved in the design and delivery of advanced control systems for nearly 20 years. In that time we have produced many award winning projects and are recognised, even by our peers, as one of the market leaders.


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We are not just geeks who like playing with speakers, we are qualified engineers and with real world nationally recognised qualifications!  We have many finished quality projects in our portfolio and enjoy a fantastic working relationship with our clients long after the project is handed over.

Our principal engineer resides on the education council for CEDIA and drives towards nationally recognised qualifications for our industry.



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We provide a well-engineered solution. We don’t cut corners and we don’t have a “that will do” attitude. We work on the very best projects that demand the very highest standards.

For a bespoke solution that is designed and delivered by real engineers, Imagine This.




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