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What is an immersive theatre? And why would I want one?

The answer to this is simple. For two or so hours you and your family can lose yourself in a movie with superb picture and sound and just for a short time enjoy something that we have come to know as " the willing suspension of disbelief".

You may become completely enthralled in the plot, story and characters. No rattling doors, no overzealous subwoofers. Just a well designed, installed and calibrated totally engrossing theatre.

Whether you seek an immersive theatre or professional screening room, Imagine This have become synonymous with expertise and quality. We pride ourselves as market leaders and have an impressive awards tally to support this.

We have designed and installed state of the art screening rooms for "A List" film directors and movie stars to everyday members of the public. But they all have one thing in common; they are borne out of real knowledge and an understanding of what makes a theatre of this size and scale different from a large screen TV and some loudspeakers.

We design our theatres using unique 3D methods so that we may convey our ideas efficiently and precisely. Our modeling process is the envy of the industry and allows us to tailor your design until complete satisfaction with our goals and ideas.

As both THX and ISF certified designers and engineers you can be sure that no one in our industry knows more. We have lead the luxury theatre market for many years and continue to win and be nominated for the highest industry awards.

If you want the very best in luxury theatre design and have heard of us and our unique industry service, please feel free to contact us and we will be only too pleased to discuss how we might help your project achieve luxury status. With a prior booking we can invite you to our luxury demonstration facilities where you can experience this for yourself. For the ultimate in bespoke theatre designs, Imagine This...